Take maximum from modern communication technologies

Call recording
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(incoming, outgoing, missed calls)
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Automated customer base collecting Integration with optimization system.
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Сall queue
Voice message-on-hold «You are the first in queue»
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IVR menu
(reception, accounting department)
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Marketing analysis
(Instagram, Facebook, web site, etc.)
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Automated customer base collecting, integration
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Incoming call notifications to browser, customer name is shown in browser and IP telephone.
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Call recording and call keeping – there is no any time or volume limits
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Rent Multichannel virtual phone number (local/federal) OR Convert your exciting number to virtual one and add more allocations.
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Marketing analysis (What advertising gives you the most customer calls?)
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Сall queue
«You are the first (second, third) in queue»
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Call recording. It helps to restore important information about client and to solve disputable situation.
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Automated customer base collecting, Integration with optimization system.
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Call back widget, tracking requests — feedback form on website
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Сall queue  (Voice message-on-hold «You are the first in queue»)
IVR menu (reception, accounting department)
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Softphone, Sim FMN
free phone calls between branch offices using extensions
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Marketing analysis
(Instagram, Facebook, web site, etc.)
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If your managers miss incoming calls, if they don’t call back missing calls, all of these means missed profit for your company. Estimate how much the call to your company cost and how much money will you lose if don’t get the call.

Введите показатели вашей компании

Все данные должны быть за один период (год, квартал, месяц, неделя или день)

Расчеты для вашей компании

CPA Cost Per Action - стоимость привлечения звонка в компанию
Conversion Конверсия из входящих звонков в заказы
AOV Average Order Value - средний чек
LRMC Lost Revenue from a Missed Call - упущенная выгода от пропущенного звонка
MC Missed Call - пропущенный звонок, стоимость с учетом затрат на рекламу



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Detailed statistics

Making customer service better at dealership center

beauty salon “HAIR&JAZZ”


Positive comments.
Clients who come back

Restaurant «MeatMeet»

+170 000 rub.

More profit over a weekend after HOTLEAD was installed

Barbershop «Barberzz»

Fast setup

Integration withYCLIENTS 

Your business tools in one system

Cloud PBX

Voice greeting, IVR menu, queue, call recording, keeping call records with no time and volume limitations, SIP accounts, FMC, webRTC

Keep your existing phone numbers of any communication service provider.*

You don’t have to change your IP communication service provider or phone numbers.
Hotlead provides you with opportunity to keep нщгк existing phone numbers using different providers cost and plans.
Softphones, FMN sim-cards, toll free numbers for free calls

Tracking website requests

As carefully as possible we save all requests from website.
You won’t lose any client.


Phone number changing for geoposition on website is available.
You can replace the numbers on the site, depending on the traffic source, the customer’s geolocation, UTM and other ways to identify the visitors to your site. Multi-channel virtual phone number, toll-free numbers, IVR menu.

CRM system and analytics

We automatically make customer database. There is an automatic lead creation. Customer card is formed at incoming and outgoing call. Full customer interaction history is displayed and kept in customer card. You can control your deals. Manage business process and track your tasks. An additional option is the ability to import an existing customer database (contacts).


Wide range of widget display customization, individual design and localization. Call marking and flexible call forwarding (you will always know which page the call came from.


Beta testing

Convert voice to text with key phrases statistics.


Beta testing

Dialogue interface with information systems in text or voice channels.

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